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Bennett Fite
Major: Communication
Class Year: 2009
Bennett is a 2009 graduate with a degree in Communications. Since graduating, he has come back to Marymount to work in Admissions and as a coach for the Men’s Basketball team. He shared a bit of his Marymount experience and what it’s like being an alumnus working on campus.

Bennett grew up in Myrtle Beach, SC, and was the first male athlete from his high school to go on to play college basketball. Scott McClary, former men’s basketball head coach, recruited Bennett and brought him to see MU’s campus and visit Washington, DC for the first time. “I wanted a small school with small class sizes, to have a one-on-one relationship with my professors,” Bennett said. “But I also wanted to go to school in a big city, but not be stuck in a city. Marymount’s location was key for me – it was a 180 degree shift from Myrtle Beach.”

He was a four-year letter winner with the team, and loved the student-athlete atmosphere. “I wanted to play basketball and be a student-athlete,” Bennett said. “Coach McClary explained that as a student-athlete in a D-III school, you have time to be a college student.” For his studies, he chose Communication initially because he liked journalism, and ultimately his classes in broadcasting helped him discover that he was good at talking with people. The skills he developed lead him to coaching, recruiting, and working in Admissions.

Bennett recalls one of his favorite professors was Dr. Michael Nordvall in the Malek School of Health Professions, who taught a 200-level health professions elective he took his senior year. He was the only senior in a class of freshmen, but said that Dr. Nordvall made the class fun for him, and he got a lot out of the health aspect. Since coming back to work on campus, Bennett has had the chance to work with Dr. Nordvall.

Following Bennett’s graduation, Coach Chris Rogers was brought on. Coach Rogers recruited Bennett as an assistant coach, since he already knew the players, was familiar with the environment in the Capital Athletic Conference, and was interested in coaching and recruiting. “I always wanted to coach basketball, so this was a big opportunity for me,” Bennett said. “I was expecting to volunteer with a high school in the area, and instead I went straight to being a college assistant.”

Bennett quickly found that he loved to recruit players and tell them about his experience at Marymount. “I enjoyed pitching Marymount to prospective students – it’s easy being an alum and talking about a school you got a lot out of,” Bennett said. He stayed in touch with Mike Canfield, the director of Admissions, through his first year coaching. By the end of the year, he was going through the interview process to become part of the Admissions staff, where he’s now an admissions counselor.

“I told Mike that I loved recruiting, and realized that I wanted to make Marymount a better place by recruiting all kinds of students,” Bennett said. “I wanted to give back to Marymount in that way.”

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