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Jeb Butler
Major: English
Class Year: 2003

As an English major at Marymount, Jeb says he got a solid foundation for his graduate study in English Literature at Boston College. He explains, “My studies enabled me to approach the rigor of my graduate program with confidence and with a knowledge base that was comprehensive in terms of both depth and breadth.”

After graduate school, Jeb went on to teach at two colleges for several years himself. He reflects on his own instructors, saying, “I found that my Marymount coursework – from Dr. Hagy’s Shakespeare lectures to Dr. Rippy’s class in Social Upheaval in Dramatic Structure – consistently informed my pedagogical approach and teaching in significant ways.”

Now, Jeb has transitioned into higher education administration. As director of admissions at Columbia Law School, he’s discovered “the analytical, writing, and critical thinking skills that I nurtured in the English department gave me a competitive advantage and I’ve been able to cultivate my aptitude in other areas. In fact, I use math every day!” Jeb has no doubt that his entire Marymount experience will continue to propel his career upward.