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Douglas Seidler
Professional Title: Reston Center Interior Design Program Director and Assistant Professor of Interior Design
This is Professor Seidler’s third year teaching at Marymount’s Reston Center on Wiehle Avenue in Reston, VA. Doug was kind enough to give the Alumni Office some background about how he came to teach at Marymount, what he feels is unique about MU’s Reston Center, and the special qualities of Marymount students.

Doug underwent a career change and several moves before becoming an Interior Design professor at Marymount. His background is actually in architecture - he has an undergraduate and graduate degree from the University of Florida and worked in industry for 10 years. Throughout his career, he found himself designing more and more interiors, which lead him to the world of Interior Design. While working in Boston, he became a part-time professor at Boston Architectural College, and then ultimately made the transition to full-time Interior Design professor at Suffolk University.

A few years ago, he and his family made the decision to move to the DC area – partially to be closer to family, partially for the weather – and he says that Marymount stood out as the premiere Interior Design school in the area; he was pleased to have the chance to come and teach at the Reston Center. “One of the things that attracted me to Marymount was the cafeteria on Main Campus with the whole community eating together. I didn’t experience that even in my own undergrad,” Doug says. “There’s also a family feel at the Reston Center that I think is great.”
When asked what he thinks is unique about Marymount’s Reston Center, he says, “The facilities are amazing. We have great equipment, the classrooms are small, which I think is a benefit, and all have new furniture.” He also feels that the small square footage of the center is an added benefit, as all the professors and students have regular contact, so it feels more intimate. As far as students are concerned, Doug says, “The Reston Center is geared toward transfer students from [Northern Virginia Community College], but it’s becoming another location to take core classes because so many students live in Northern Virginia.” He adds that the MU Interior Design Department has a great relationship with NVCC; Marymount has an admissions agreement with the school, and also provides advising sheets for the students about how their classes will transfer, making for an easy student transition.

Doug finds uniqueness in the students and life at Marymount. “The other two universities where I taught didn’t have on-campus housing or many sports teams, so it’s been exciting to work with athletes and student workers on campus,” Doug says. “The students have an amazing dedication to MU, and are excited about what they’re doing.” Doug also spends all of his time with juniors and seniors, who he says are very focused on their classwork since they’re so close to graduation. “It makes for a great class environment,” he says.

When he’s not teaching, Doug and his wife and daughter love to explore the parks in the area; he is also a recreational runner and loves watching college football.
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