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                        Photo Of Jordan Easley-Small
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Jordan Easley-Small
Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

As an Orientation Leader, Jordan Easley-Small loves spending time with incoming Marymount freshman. “I always tell them that this is a whole new experience. It’s normal to be nervous. It’s even good to be nervous because that means you’re excited,” Jordan said. This experience has inspired him to become a higher education counselor to help incoming students define a major. This is something that many students struggle with. Jordan even changed his major from Communications to Psychology. “You might not know what you want to study when you start, but you will find the things that catch your attention.” Jordan believes this to be true both in and out of the classroom. “Marymount is a small, close-knit community. On a campus like this, you never feel alone and it’s so easy to get involved. You arrive at Marymount as one person, and the experience stretches you to become someone with a wider breadth of knowledge in many different areas.”