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Dr. Linda R. Cote-Reilly
Associate Professor of Psychology
Contact Information

Rowley G124
(703) 284-1659

Academic Credentials

B.A., The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC
M.A., Ph.D., Clark University, Worcester, MA
Post-doctoral work: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Bethesda, MD
Teaching areas:
  • Developmental Psychology (Human Development, Early Childhood Development)
  • Methodology (Statistics, Tests & Measurements)
Research interests:
  • Children’s development in immigrant families
  • Mother-infant interaction
  • Parental beliefs
  • Language development
Dr. Linda R. Cote-Reilly is a developmental psychologist and also a Certified Family Life Educator. Her research examines parenting and children’s development among immigrant families.
Representative Publications
Cote, L.R., Bornstein, M.H., Haynes, O.M., & Bakeman, R. (2008). Mother-infant person-and-object-directed interactions in Latino immigrant families: A comparative approach. Infancy, 13(4), 338-365.
Bornstein, M.H., & Cote, L.R., (2004). "Who is sitting across from me?" Immigrant mothers' knowledge of parenting and children's development. Pediatrics, 114, e557-e564.
Bornstein, M.H., Cote, L.R., Maital, S., Painter, K., Park, S., Pascual, L., Pêcheux, M., Ruel J., Venuti, P., & Vyt., A. (2004). Cross-linguistic analysis of vocabulary in toddlers: Spanish, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, and English. Child Development, 75, 1115-1139.