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Dr. Lois T. Stover
Dean, School of Education and Human Services; Professor of Education
Contact Information

Rowley G106C
(703) 284-1620

Academic Credentials

B.A., The College of William and Mary
M.A.T University of Vermont
Ed.D. University of Virginia

Teaching Areas:

  • Children’s and young adult literature
  • Educational Psychology
  • Curriculum development
  • Writing as a Learning Tool
  • Methods of teaching in middle and secondary schools

Research Interests:

  • Young adult literature and the English curriculum
  • Multicultural children’s and young adult literature
  • Educating future teachers for a habit of reflection and social action
  • Art/text connections in young adult literature

Dr. Lois Stover’s primary research is related to the role of young adult literature in the middle and secondary curriculum. She has done research on several important authors of young adult literature, exploring how their personal histories informs their writing and how discussions of these intersections of life and art can be woven into the English language arts classroom. She is particularly interested in ways in which the use of young adult literature reflective of the diversity of both the U.S. and the world can help empower adolescent readers and promote both understanding of self and appreciation for other perspectives. Her most recent work has investigated the portrayal of young adults who identify themselves as artists in literature written for the young adult audience and how art/text interactions are evolving with new publishing technologies.