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Melany Su
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Since coming to Marymount as a freshman in August 2010, Melany has learned to embrace the rich resources available both on and off campus. She currently works with Dr. Rimkus, leading two projects in conservation biology. In one project, she and her peers explore the use of satellite technology in monitoring nesting and migration patterns of hawksbill sea turtles. Her other area of research examines the effects of PIT tags (glass-encased microchips with unique ID numbers) on the growth of freshwater painted turtles. Both projects have taught her invaluable communication skills essential to collaborative research.

As a Biology and English double-major, Melany seeks to incorporate what she learns through interdisciplinary approaches. Serving as editor of the Magnificat, Marymount’s journal of undergraduate nonfiction, and a writing tutor at the LRC has given her the opportunity to work with writers of various disciplines. As she explores topics for her senior thesis, she will be investigating how an understanding of the human condition through literature and the arts contributes to holistic medical practice. She also hopes to deepen her interest in the medical humanities through a future career in ministry through health care.