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Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Janine DeWitt
Professor of Sociology
Contact Information

Rowley G118
(703) 526-6824

Academic Credentials

B.Ph., Miami University of Ohio
M.A., Ph.D., Duke University
Other study: Institute Fellow, SUNY Global Center, Collaborative Online International Learning
Teaching Areas
  • The Global Village
  • Addressing Injustice
  • Social Justice
Research Interests:
    • Instructional design of globally networked classrooms
    • Formation of intercultural learning partnerships in higher education
    • Visual sociology:  Use of photography as a pedagogical strategy 
    • Effective design of experiential teaching strategies such as City as Text
    Thriving in today’s global community necessitates an understanding of how to work with people from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds. Sociological research offers insights on the global processes generating change as well as intercultural communication processes needed to reach a shared understanding. This is an area in which Dr. DeWitt has developed particular expertise.

    Dr. DeWitt’s recent research involves the development of globally networked learning; she is currently an Institute Fellow with the Collaborative Online International Learning project (COIL). 
    She teaches undergraduates at all levels using an inquiry approach to learning. At the introductory level students apply their “sociological imagination” to explore the local community as well as the world. In upper-division courses students use social scientific research methods to understand the world in which they live. Her previous research focused on ways to infuse ethics across the curriculum.