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Pamela Stoessell
Professional Title: Professor of Fine and Applied Arts
Marymount University has been an important part of my life since fall, 1975. That was when I began my teaching career at what was then called Marymount College of Virginia. The decision to come to Marymount was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Marymount prides itself in being a caring community, a family. My husband, children, and grandchildren can attest to that. We enrolled our three-year old daughter in the Marymount College Child Development Center fall semester, 1978, and the following year, our three-year old son joined her.

In 1978, I was assigned the task of producing a fashion show on campus and have worked with students and faculty in producing the annual show, known as “Portfolio in Motion,” ever since. My husband has attended all of the shows; our son and daughter started at age three and continued to attend whenever they were in town. Now our granddaughters attend and love being a part of the Marymount community as much as the rest of us do. There have been so many important lectures, exhibits, performances, sports events, and so forth at the university open to faculty, staff, students, and the community.

Over the decades, above all, I have enjoyed teaching and interacting with our students. During this time period, I have found an important consistency and that is that there is a wonderful sense of optimism and spirit among those pursuing their education at Marymount. As a professor of fashion design and merchandising, I have worked most closely with the fashion students, not only in the classroom, but also through the Marymount Fashion Club and of course Portfolio in Motion. I have found the experiences entirely fulfilling.

I have been a long-term donor to the university because I believe in the quality of education and experiences we are providing our students. Through the Fashion Club, students participate in major fundraising galas and professional fashion industry events throughout the metropolitan area. I take great pride in how they present themselves to the greater community as they perform important services. There are so many excellent professors at Marymount, contributing in their own ways to the well being of the students and the university.

The message I would like to give to others is that all donations are important. The University’s success is a product of the thousands of sometimes small but cumulatively significant gifts made by individuals. This support helps to further the mission of Marymount and make the university accessible to a new generation of students.