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Rowley Hall Renovation

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A number of individuals and offices have been relocated as a result of the Rowley Hall renovation. To locate people, sort by department or name.
Although campus email addresses remain the same, some phone numbers have changed. To find an email address or phone number, use the Campus Directory.
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Academic Affairs, Office of the Provost
Hughes, Sherri Rowley 1004B
Saunders, Andrea Rowley 1004
Summerfield, Liane Rowley 1004A
Wells, Elaina Rowley 1004
Center for Career Services (formerly Career and Internship Center)
Guillett, Amanda Rowley
O'Donnell, Jessica Rowley
Tompkins, Amanda Rowley
Usrey, Carin Rowley
Wilmes, David Rowley
Center for Global Education (Study Abroad)
Betancourt, Victor
Rowley 1004I
Proznick, Rebecca Rowley 1004L
Center for Teaching and Learning*
Aichele, Anne Rowley G105D
Alvis, Ted Rowley G105O
Anderson, Jameela Rowley G105H
Bergandy, Megan Rowley G105G
Colden, Canzada Rowley G105
Conrad, Sue Rowley G105O
Juba, Carolyn
Rowley G105L
Miller, Robert
Rowley G105M
Mitchell, Cynthia
Rowley G105B
Moreno, Pam Rowley G105Q
Oxenford, Carolyn Rowley G105R
Whitman, Sylvia Rowley G105C
*NOTE: The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) comprises the following components: Academic Advising, the former Academic Success Center, the former Center for Teaching Excellence, the DISCOVER program and the First-Year Student Experience, Instructional Technology, the former Learning Resource Center, and the Writing Center. Student Access Services, formerly known as Disability Support Services, is co-located with CTL.
Development/Alumni Relations, Office of
Campbell, Niko Rowley 1004D
Catucci, Suzanne Main House 2009
Chapin, Katie Main House 2009
Cozart, Yolanda Main House 2002
Gibson, Yolanda
Main House 2001
Mebrahtu, Michael
Main House 2009
Ryder, Michelle
Rowley 1004L
Schlesing, Erin Main House 2009A
Toro, Katie Rowley 1004
Tracy, Emily Rowley 1004C
Wingfield, Woody Rowley 1004L
Zeifang, Kathleen Rowley 1004E
Zopf, Jane Rowley 1004
Education and Human Services, School of
Amissah, Tamala Rowley G106A
Amadeo, Jo-Ann Rowley G135
Ball, Doug Rowley G134
Bolton, Michael Rowley G113
Buckner, Camille Rowley G122
Cote-Reilly, Linda Rowley G124
DeWitt, Janine Rowley G118
Earl, Sr. Patricia Rowley G106C
Ellis, Stephanie Rowley G121
Gibson, Mary Rowley G109
Gray, Jennifer Rowley G141
Gulyn, Linda Rowley G112
Harris, Charles Rowley G114
Lado, Ana Rowley G117
Langran, Elizabeth Rowley G140
Lesko, Wayne Rowley G115
Lopresti-Goodman, Stacy Rowley G136
Melideo, Shannon Rowley G123
Nasr, Raja Rowley G116
O'Donnell, Cynthia Rowley G139
Rajdev, Usha Rowley G125
Robbers, Monica Rowley G111
Turissini, Lisa Rowley G138
Van Arsdale, Amy Rowley G137
Young, Alice Rowley G106D
President, Office of the
Phillips, Hilary Main House 2006
Shank, Matthew Main House 2006A
University Communications, Office of
Alexander, Denise Ballston 209
Callahan, Laurie Ballston 209
Dunham, Matt Ballston 207
Dutton, Shelley Ballston 207
Kay, Gasper Ballston 207
Lewis, Cindy Ballston 207
Lowe-Edwards, Terry Ballston 207
Madrid, Martha Ballston 207
Pilarte, Doralisa Ballston 207
Temoney, Cheri Ballston 207