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Liberal Arts Core Courses

Marymount students can take advantage of Liberal Arts Core offerings at the Reston Center. Liberal Arts Core courses are general education classes that complement and enhance learning in all fields of study. Working with your advisor, you can select and register for courses that conveniently fit your schedule and program.
Summer 2014 Liberal Arts Core Course Offerings at Reston (Classes begin May 19)
EN 225 Literary Superheroes
Online course
May 19-June 21
A study of the "hero" and "superhero" models in European and American literature from Hercules and Prometheus to Don Juan and Superman. Emphasis is placed on the various heroic codes both as literature and as embodiments of popular visions, ideals and desires of their eras. Prerequisite: EN 102 or permission of instructor. Liberal Arts Core/University Requirements Designation: LT-1. (3)
TRS 202 Religions of the World
Online course
June 30-August 2
Ancient and modern religions are studied as varied responses to the search for ultimate meaning and purpose in human existence. Building on foundational knowledge of Christianity learned in TRS 100, students will explore indigenous religious traditions and major world religions.Prerequisite: TRS 100.  Liberal Arts Core/University Requirements Designation: TRS - 2. (3)

Fall 2014 Liberal Arts Core Course Offerings at Reston (Classes begin August 25)
DSC 201 Discover
Introduces new transfer students to Marymount University and to the inquiry model of learning. Aims to ease the transition to a new university through a focus on fundamental liberal arts skills - inquiry, critical thinking, information literacy and communication - as well as participation collaborative activities that offer positive interaction and support from peer mentor, instructor, and classmates. Each section makes use of the Washington area's rich resources. Required of all students transferring 12 or more credits to the University and any non-traditional students having significant work or life experience transferring fewer than 12 credits to the University. Second-degree nursing students are exempt from this requirement.
Prerequisites: None. Liberal Arts Core/University Requirements Designation: DSINQ. (1)

PH 200 Introduction to Philosophy
An introduction to some of the major issues concerning fundamental problems of human existence including an understanding of the core areas: logic, epistemology, metaphysics, and ethics. Students will learn to recognize and evaluate logical arguments in the texts of central, primary figures.
Prerequisites: None. Liberal Arts Core/University Requirements Designation: PH-1. (3)

TRS 100 Theological Inquiry
This course functions as an introduction to the discipline of Christian theology and thus will be foundational to further studies in theology and religious studies. It primarily examines the perennial questions of existence and the answers proffered by the Christian faith. It presents an overview of the development of Christian theology with an emphasis on the role Christian theology can play in the students’ lives, culture, and world. The issue of the responsibilities of Christianity in a pluralistic world is also addressed. Course includes significant reading and writing components.
Prerequisite: completion of, or enrollment in, EN 101 or higher. Liberal Arts Core/University Requirements Designation: TRS-1. (3)

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