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When and where will I...

...buy books?
The Marymount University Bookstore is located in the Lee Center on Main Campus. You can buy your books at any time once you’ve received your final schedule. To find out what books you need for your classes or for more information on the bookstore, check out the Bookstore website.
...eat? Are meal plans required? Can a commuter student get one?
Meal plans are mandatory for first-year students living on campus. Commuter students can also choose to purchase a meal plan. For more information on Dining Services or to download a Meal Plan Application, check out the Dining Services website.
...find out the name of my roommate?
For students starting in the spring, the Office of Campus and Residential Services will be mailing out roommate information in late November or early December. For students starting in fall, notifications will be sent in mid-summer. If you have any other questions about living on campus, contact the Office of Campus and Residential Services at (703) 284-1608.
...get a job on campus?
For information about student employment or to download an employment application, visit the Student Employment website.
...get involved at Marymount as a new student?
Stop by the Student Activities office on the second floor of the Lodge and they’ll help you find opportunities to get involved.
Student Government Association is also recruiting new students – first-year, transfer, and graduate – to get involved. They need students interested in helping out with activities, programming, and advocacy. Contact them at sga@marymount.edu.
I’m a new student, and I want to live on campus. What should I do?
Contact the Office of Campus and Residential Services at (703) 284-1608 for more information.
I’m a transfer/graduate student, and I’m planning to live off-campus. Where can I get more information about apartments in the area?
Check out the off-campus housing site for more information.

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