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How will my classes be selected?
First-year students registering in the fall: We use a process called Directed Self-Placement (DSP) to help students choose the best courses for them. DSP asks students to reflect on their unique background, experience, and preparation for college-level work and then place themselves in the English and Discover courses that seem most appropriate. Student will choose all of their courses with the exception of Math online prior to New Student Orientation (NSO). During NSO students will take a math assessment to ensure students are registering for the appropriate math course their first semester, if applicable. After a student creates their schedule online, a staff member from the Center for Teaching and Learning to review it and follow up if there are any major concerns. The student will have the opportunity to review their schedule with an advisor during the second day of NSO.
First-year students registering in the spring: Contact the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) to set up your class schedule. Call (703) 284-1538 or email firstyear@marymount.edu.
Transfer students: You can contact an academic advisor prior to orientation. To find out who to contact, go here. A student’s transfer credit evaluation will be reviewed to see what classes are needed to take at Marymount. Students will leave orientation with a schedule. Learn more about transferring credit. If you have been directed to take the Directed Self Placement (DSP), please do so online.
Where can I learn more about the different academic programs of study (majors)?
The University website offers information about each program of study. The Academic Catalog also has information about each of the different majors and programs.

New Student Orientation 2014

First-Year Students
August 21 - 22

Transfer Students
August 20

Graduate Students
August 23

International Student Check-in
August 19 - 20


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