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Publication Services

The Publications Division of the Office of University Communications welcomes the opportunity to work with you in the creation and production of print publications that effectively promote the University to external audiences.

We look forward to helping you position and communicate your message with the following services: editing, graphic design, and printing. (The printing phase is an outsourced service that is facilitated through the Office.)

Because the Office of University Communications is involved in a very wide range of projects, it is difficult to address procedural and policy matters for all jobs. However, there are some general steps we recommend you follow in order for your job to be handled in the most effective and efficient manner:

1. Submit a Job Request Form
2. Provide text
3. Review copy/layout
4. Complete the Publications Acceptance Form

Step 1 – Submit a Job Request Form. Cheri Temoney is the contact person for all print publication requests. You can download a Job Request Form here and follow-up with Cheri on the request. Cheri can be reached at ext. 5767. Additional copies are available from our Office. The form must be filled out completely before the job is begun.

This includes filling in the “date needed” space. This should be the date the item is needed either in your hands or, if this is a direct-mail piece, in the hands of a mail house. If you are having this item produced to be distributed at a special event, have that date in mind as you fill in the “date needed” space.

Another important component of the Job Request Form is the “quantity needed.” Again, if you are ordering the item for a special event, anticipate the number you need for that event, and factor in any additional pieces you will need for the future.

For basic jobs, we advise that you submit your Job Request Form at least four to six weeks prior to the date you need the item. (This time frame will include the print time for basic jobs, which is generally 10 days.) For more complex jobs, those that need extensive copywriting, editing, production, the shooting of original photography, etc., more time will be needed. You will be advised if a problem in meeting your deadline is anticipated.

Step 2 – Provide text. Text submissions are preferred on disk or via e-mail; however hard copy is acceptable as long as the item is not lengthy. Copy should be submitted with your Job Request Form. If copy is not yet available, please indicate when it will be ready.

The Office of University Communications will work with you and the text you provide to position your piece and craft a message that will effectively target your intended audience and meet your desired objectives.

Furthermore, the Office of University Communications is responsible for ensuring that all copy conforms to University editorial style.

Step 3 – When your job has been edited and laid out, you will receive a proof. Promptly review and proofread the piece. It is ultimately your responsibility as the client to ensure the accuracy of the final text. If other departments or individuals are needed to review your item for accuracy, it is your responsibility to coordinate with those departments or individuals in that review and approval process.

Step 4 – Complete the Publication Acceptance Form and send it to the Office of University Communications clearly noting any changes to be made to your publication. This form will be sent to you with the final piece in layout form. All clients must sign off using this form before an item is sent to print. Your prompt approval of all material will keep your job on track and ensure its delivery on time. (Please be aware that requesting significant changes in any aspect of your piece may delay its delivery.)