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Basketball Coach Believes Less Is More

Monday, August 02, 2010
Chris Rogers completed his first season as Marymount University head men’s basketball coach with the Saints tallying a 15-12 overall record and 9-7 in the Capital Athletic Conference for the 2009-10 season. Rogers is the fourth coach in the Division III program’s 22-year history.

He says, “Being next door to Washington, DC, Marymount is a place with endless opportunities. I think we can leverage that to attract students from a broader area. The other advantage is that our program is academically focused, which is a basic premise of Division III.”

Rogers came to Marymount in fall 2009 with eight years of collegiate basketball experience at the NCAA Division III level. He had just finished a five-season stretch as the head assistant at Franklin & Marshall College under Glenn Robinson, the winningest coach in NCAA Division III men’s basketball.

What he most admired about Coach Robinson, Rogers says, was “his ability to focus on the fundamentals of basketball. There were days when all we did was practice passing. Not many programs take the time to do this, but Coach Robinson did.”

At Marymount, Rogers’ own coaching philosophy is straightforward. He explains, “We try to be really good at two or three things – not OK at 10. Less is more.”

He says, “In our recruiting, I will be looking for students who are academically successful, which is usually a sign that they are disciplined and self-motivated. I also want athletes who come from good programs and fit into the style of basketball we want to play. I will take a student-athlete who is more skilled over one who is more athletic every time.”

During his time at Franklin & Marshall, Rogers was involved in all aspects of the basketball program, including recruiting and practices. The team won two regular-season Centennial Conference championships and advanced to the 2009 Final Four.
Prior to that, Rogers was the head assistant at Lebanon Valley College for three seasons. LVC teams won the 2004 ECAC and made the Middle Atlantic Conference playoffs each year.

Chris Rogers says, “Those were great experiences, but I’m really happy to be at Marymount now. I believe we can do exciting things here. I’m committed to building this program and ensuring that our players achieve success in both academics and athletics.”