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MU Grad Student Awarded Internship by American Hospital Associaton

Friday, September 27, 2013
Yousuf Khan, a candidate for Marymount University’s dual degree in Health Care Management and Information Technology (M.S./M.S.), recently completed a prestigious health care management internship with Main Line Hospital, a network of hospitals and health centers in the Philadelphia, PA, region.  He was one of forty top minority students from across the country to be selected for the American Hospital Association’s Summer Enrichment Program for the Institute for Diversity in Healthcare Management.  

Mr. Khan states, “Main Line Health has a well-structured internship program, and it was a privilege to be part of such a great organization. Jack Lynch, CEO of Main Line Health, is especially interested in promoting diversity. He followed our progress, and the capstone networking event of the program was a luncheon meeting with him.

 “My assignment was at the Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital but, throughout the internship, we met with executives and administrators at all operations levels of Main Line’s facilities. We could see how well the five hospitals networked, and we could see the challenges faced by the system. Main Line’s goal, and one focus of the internship program, is to identify these challenges and develop solutions for a more effective and efficient health care delivery system.”

The Summer Enrichment Program covers ten weeks and attracts the most-qualified, minority talent to the dynamic environment of healthcare administration at hospital systems across the nation. During the internship, the students work with a preceptor at an assigned healthcare facility, participate in weekly career development webinars and networking events, and complete a research project.  

 Mr. Khan’s passion for healthcare administration stems from his clinical background in dentistry and his research in oral cancer.  As a resident at NYU College of Dentistry, he was a student leader for the residency program, during which he realized he was most interested in the health care process. From this and other leadership experiences, he decided to transition his career into healthcare administration. He chose Marymount University because of its commitment to individual attention and because of its northern Virginia location, with access to all of the heath care resources in the Washington, DC, region.
About his experiences at Marymount, Khan says, “I believe that Marymount’s healthcare administration program has a very personal touch. The faculty is accessible and friendly – in fact, most of the time they are one phone call or one text away. I have studied and have done research at various institutions, and it is hard to replicate the environment here at Marymount.”

Mr. Khan will complete his graduate program in spring 2014 and is investigating academic fellowships that would provide him with the opportunity to work the full spectrum of issues in health care management, including strategy and policy, health information technology, and communications.