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“Healthy Monday” Campaign Kicks Off with One-Mile Walks

Tuesday, September 11, 2012
Healthy Monday: The day all health breaks loose! That was the theme at the September 10 one-mile walk that kicked off Marymount’s Health Monday campaign, part of the university’s wellness initiative. Both the Main Campus and Ballston Center had more than 70 participants each.

MU students, faculty, and staff donned “Healthy Monday” shirts and comfortable shoes to set out on the brisk walk. The bright sun and cool temperature were an added bonus. Dr. Skye Donovan, assistant professor of Physical Therapy, noted, “Everyone was out chatting with one another and enjoying nature!”

The benefits of walking go beyond pure enjoyment. Dr. Donovan explains, “A one-mile walk burns approximately 100 calories. Other benefits of walking include improved heart health, increased metabolic rate, better sleep and concentration, improved mood, increased activation of lower-extremity muscles, and improved flexibility.” She adds, “If you keep it up day-to-day, you may see weight loss, improved muscle tone, and increased stamina.” For the best results, Dr. Donovan recommends mixing it up, varying speed, and including hills and different routes.

See Marymount’s Wellness Calendar for upcoming events. The organized walks will take place once a month, and other Monday activities include body mass index screening and a student vegetable chili cook-off.