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Barry Gallery Update

Wednesday, December 01, 2010
The Barry Gallery’s first exhibit of the 2010-11 academic year, Threads in the Tapestry of Interior Design, showcased items from Marymount’s Wilhemina Boldt Collection and work by current MU Interior Design students. The exhibition explored the connection between interior design’s decorative art past and the standards and trends that shape the profession today.

The annual Fine Art and Graphic Design Faculty Exhibition was the year’s second show. It featured the work of 11 Marymount faculty members, including paintings, collages, drawings, videos, and graphic design presentations. The exhibit’s opening reception was also the kick-off event for Family Weekend 2010 and drew an appreciative audience of students, parents, and other guests.

The gallery began the spring semester with Printmakers: Works by Susan Goldman and Donald Depuydt. Both artists are inspired by ancient objects and ruins and employ unique techniques that make their work distinctive. Ms. Goldman is recognized for her use of a monotype technique that involves printing layer after layer of transparent inks onto a single sheet and then wiping the printing plate to create soft luminous effects, while also using solvents to break down and build up forms. Mr. Depuydt works primarily with lithography and etching. His artistic vision focuses on geometric abstractions and organic shapes that play against one another.

The gallery’s year will be rounded out by two more spring shows: the Senior Art Student Exhibition (February 16 through March 3) and the annual Festival of the Arts Student Exhibition (March 23 through April 25).