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Sharing Results at the Student Research Conference

Tuesday, April 15, 2014
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Marymount’s annual research conference again showed the breadth of students’ interests and the depth of their inquiry.

At the undergraduate level, poster topics ranged from analyzing images using Mathematica and examining how personality traits relate to physical attraction to the clinical outlook for proton therapy and protecting Hawksbill Sea Turtles in Gales Point, Belize. Presentations covered such topics as commuter use of mobile apps, Europeanization in the western Balkans, the effect of unemployment levels on single family home prices, and the thwarting of insider threats (domestic terrorism). At the graduate level, posters and presentations focused on physical therapy, counseling, nursing, and education research projects.

Reports were also given on the Global Village class, a course that joined Marymount students with students at Hanze University in the Netherlands. They examined the intricacies of a global community and what it means to be a global citizen.

A panel of faculty members explained how they got started in research and how their research has evolved. For Dr. Eric Bubar, assistant professor of physics, his first research grew out of a close relationship with his mentor, who wrote the major book on stellar spectroscopy. He said, “It’s not a clear path from A to B. You wander around and learn skills on the way.”

Dr. Linda Gulyn, professor of psychology, originally focused on how children are influenced by the media. More recently, she has blended her work life and family life by researching autism, which affects one of her sons. She enjoys involving students in the research and encourages them to ask questions that have not been asked before.

Dr. Marina Maccari-Clayton, assistant professor of history, did her initial research on migration after World War II. She pointed out, “You need to keep asking questions. Each stage of research opens new doors.” Dr. Maccari-Clayton added, “Research shapes your life in a meaningful way.” In addition to discoveries made and the revelation of new avenues to explore, she developed many friendships around the world as a result of her research.

Marymount students are finding out for themselves all the rewards of conducting original research.

Undergraduate Award Recipients
First Place Poster Presentation
Pauline Hoang & Sangida Nafisa
– Read between the Lines (on facilitating the process of analyzing and interpreting images from scientific experiments using Wolfram Mathematica), advisor Dr. Eric Bubar

First Place Oral Presentation
Leora Lihach
– Motherhood: The Irony of a Patriarchal Idealization, advisor Dr. Brian Flanagan

Honorable Mention
Jaime D'Souza
– A Public Health Approach to University Faculty’s Knowledge and Perception of School Violence, advisor Dr. Jennifer Tripken

Kinnaird McQuade – Hawking for Spots: Using Mobile Apps to Benefit Commuters, advisor Michelle Liu

Bryan Tubbs-Herring – Europeanization in the Western Balkans: The Battle for Rule of Law, advisor Dr. Margaret Tseng

Amanda Bourne – Rehabilitation and the Female Other: Women in CBS’s “Elementary,” advisor Dr. Katie Peebles

Graduate Student Award Recipients
Poster Presentations
School of Education and Human Services
First Prize
Malachi Willis
– Marital Rape: "I Do" Does Not Equal Consent; Forensic Psychology

Second Prize
Lauren Zapf
– Moving into Military Sexual Trauma Treatment: A Sensorimotor Approach; Counseling Education and Supervision

Malek School of Health Professions
First Prize
Lindsey Carpenter – The Effectiveness of Low Back Pain Rehabilitation with Emphasis on Mckenzie-based Intervention;
Physical Therapy
Oral Presentations in Psychology, Education, Literature, and Math
First prize
Elise Jefferson
– Stand Your Ground and Lose Your Life: The Inadequacy of Self-Defense Laws; Forensic Psychology

Second Prize
Amy Flessert
– Analyzing Gender Performance and Sexuality in “Twelfth Night” and “She’s the Man”; English

Oral Presentations in the Malek School of Health Professions
First Prize
Zoe Randol
– Selecting Interventions with the Selective Functional Movement Assessment for a Patient with Chronic Pain & Harrington Rods; Physical Therapy

Second Prize
Stephanie Lee
– An Examination of College Students’ Attitudes & Intentions to Become Organ Donors; Health Promotion Management

Honorable Mention
Cathy Franklin
– Motivational Interviewing in the Management of Chronic Heart Failure; Nursing

– Sangida Nafisa ʼ14, a biology major, describes the research that she conducted with fellow biology major Pauline Hoang ʼ14 on using Mathematica to analyze and interpret scientific images.

– Maria Tamayo ʼ14, a psychology major, explains her research on the relation of personality traits to physical attraction to Marco Lepe ʼ14, a criminal justice major.

PHOTO 3 – Mark Curtis ʼ15, an economics major, outlines his research on the effects of unemployment levels on single-family home prices.

PHOTO 4 – Faculty share their research experiences. Left to right: Dr. Eric Bubar, assistant professor of physics; Dr. Linda Gulyn, professor of psychology; and Dr. Marina Maccari-Clayton, assistant professor of history.

– Gregory Edwards, a Doctor of Physical Therapy candidate, explains an aquatic therapy program for a patient with a spinal cord injury.