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Spring 2015 Health Care Management Graduate International Field Experience in Panama Info Session

Wed, Sep 10, 2014, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Location: Ballston 309
This course, HCM 596: Special Topics in Health Care Management, is a Global Classroom Series course, or a Spring 2015 semester-long course taught at Marymount that includes an week-long international field experience during Spring Break. In a global world of business and health, Panama is experiencing substantial growth and recognition. Among those ever ready to make the most of the vision to be the “hub of the Americas” are the country’s major hospitals which boast the latest and best technologies, designs, and affiliations. The thriving healthcare industry in Panama has made many recent updates, not only to treat its wealthy locals and expatriates, but also to treat tourists who seek medical treatment in the country while taking a resort style respite to heal. Medical tourism is big business and although its stake in the industry is not as well established as that of Mexico or Brazil, Panama is claiming a quick and progressive capture of the industry. Explore this high stakes, growing global industry through an intimate and up-close lens as we travel to Panama City to explore the country and its place in the fascinating and complex global industry of medical tourism.