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Thank You, Dr. Bundschuh

In July 2001, James E. Bundschuh became Marymount University’s fifth president. As the first male and first layperson to hold this leadership position, Dr. Bundschuh represented a change for Marymount. But from his earliest days on campus, it was clear that he had a keen appreciation for the University’s history and a commitment to build upon its tradition of excellence.

President Bundschuh’s credo was “At Marymount, students come first.” For 10 years, he walked the campus every day, chatting with students and presenting them with his signature gold-star stickers in honor of accomplishments large and small. He and Mrs. Bundschuh faithfully attended every kind of campus event – from basketball games to concerts and fashion shows – always cheering for and supporting MU’s students. In a letter to alumni and friends of the University a few months before his retirement this June, Dr. Bundschuh reflected, “Students are, after all, the reason for Marymount’s existence, so it is right that their welfare and success should be our first concern.”

Dr. Bundschuh’s presidency was marked by many successes; highlights include the introduction of an undergraduate Honors Program and Marymount’s first doctoral programs; strong, steadily increasing enrollments; the successful completion of a $20 million capital campaign (which exceeded its goal by more than 10%); and the construction of a new academic and residential complex – Marymount’s most ambitious and impressive building project in four decades.

Indeed, Marymount University has many reasons to thank Dr. Bundschuh. And the success and satisfaction of its students is high on that list. During his presidency, 9,442 students earned their MU degrees. Dr. Bundschuh was known to say that Commencement was his favorite day of the academic year, and that his favorite part of the Commencement ceremony came at the end of his Charge to the Graduating Class, when he would declare, “It is my honor to proclaim you sons and daughters of Marymount forever!”

Now, generations of sons and daughters of Marymount join the University’s faculty, staff, administration, trustees, and friends in thanking President Bundschuh for a decade of outstanding leadership and wishing him and Mrs. Bundschuh much happiness in the days and years ahead.