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June 2011 - Issue 74

At Marymount University, engaging students in active, inquiry-based learning has been identified as a key academic priority. A university-wide program has been developed to ensure that learners in every discipline undertake projects that involve in-depth research, original thinking, and hands-on problem solving.
Marymount D.P.T Candidates Learn and Serve in Costa Rica
An Interview on Bullying with Dr.Michele Garofalo assistant chair, Department of Counseling and director, School Counseling Program
Generations of sons and daughters of Marymount join the University’s faculty, staff, administration, trustees, and friends in thanking President Bundschuh for a decade of outstanding leadership and wishing him and Mrs. Bundschuh much happiness in the days and years ahead.
Some young people arrive at MU with lots of leadership experience under their belts, ready to take on ever higher levels of responsibility. Others are late bloomers. All are welcome; all will grow.
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