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June 2009 - Issue 70

A Coaching Family Tree
In 26 years as head coach of the MU Saints women’s basketball team, Bill Finney has seen, and inspired, a lot of success. His career as coach and mentor to hundreds of student-athletes has led a number of Marymount grads to follow in his footsteps, embarking on successful coaching careers of their own.

Holding the Moon in Your Hands
Marymount University, NASA, and northern Virginia schools team up to give elementary students an opportunity to answer the burning question “What could be cooler than holding an actual moon rock in your hands?” and discover just how much fun science can be.

Faces of Service:
Marymount Students Answer the Call
Service has always been an integral part of the Marymount experience. Today, MU students share their time and talents more generously than ever before, helping their neighbors in communities near campus and around the globe.

Design on Demand:
Fashion for the Occasion
Marymount’s fashion programs have a national reputation for excellence. Now, high-profile organizations like USA Today, Madame Tussauds, and the Folger Shakespeare Library are turning to MU Fashion Design students with creative challenges that provide great real-world experience.

Back to School
After two decades as a professor of Education, Dr. Alice Young is an expert on the art of pedagogy. Nevertheless, she chose to go back to school this year – elementary school, that is – to gain a fresh perspective and see what’s new in the classroom.

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