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Multimedia Lab

The mission of the Multimedia Lab is to support all academic constituents on campus with high quality instruction, appropriate materials, and a comfortable environment for classroom multimedia instruction, individual student projects, and the development of effective, innovative learning objects for in-class and online instruction. 

The Multimedia Lab has nine dual boot Macintosh workstations with software and related peripherals required to honor this mission.

Resources in the multimedia lab include:  flat bed scanners, film scanners, media card readers, color printing up to 24 inches wide and digital still and video cameras, which are available for production of projects.
Current Multimedia Lab software include
Graphic Design
  • Freehand (MAC/PC)
  • Illustrator (PC)
  • ImageReady (MAC/PC)
  • Fireworks (MAC/PC)
Graphic and Media File Conversion
  • Graphic Converter (MAC)
  • Cleaner (MAC)
Image Editing & Manipulation
  • PhotoShop (MAC/PC)
  • Painter (MAC)
  • PowerPoint (PC)
  • Flash (MAC/PC)
Special Effects and Animation
  • Flash (MAC/PC)
  • AfterEffects (MAC/PC)
  • Motion (MAC)
Video/Audio Editing
  • Final Cut Studio (Mac)
  • Final Cut Express (Mac)
  • DVD Studio Pro (Mac)
  • IDVD (Mac)
  • iMovie (MAC)
  • Peak (Mac)
  • Sound Forge (PC)
Web Development
  • Dreamweaver (MAC/PC)
  • Front Page (PC)
Screen Capture Software
  • Telestream 
Visiting the Multimedia Lab
There is a 2 hour limit per workstation. Faculty can request the lab for classroom projects through the ASTRA system.  The lab is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. or by appointment.  Contact Susan Conrad at susan.conrad@marymount.edu to request access outside of these hours. 

When visiting the Multimedia Lab please keep in mind:
  • Files saved to the lab computers will be deleted automatically every night.
  • All lab patrons bring their own flash drives, hard drives, or usb drives to save files. The Multimedia Lab cannot be responsible for lost or deleted documents saved to the local hard drive of lab machines.
If you need help using the lab equipment, please ask for assistance.  For training on Multimedia Lab equipment and/or software please contact Sue Conrad at susan.conrad@marymount.edu.

Contact Information

Multimedia Lab

Telephone: 703-526-3322

Fall 2011 Multimedia Lab Hours

  • Monday-Friday 10am-5pm
  • Saturday & Sunday - Closed