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New Semester Student Checklist

1. Verify that you have your correct Marymount Portal username and password and that you are successfully able to login to the portal. If you are unable to access the Marymount portal or your Blackboard courses, contact the ITS Help Desk at: (703) 526-6990.

2. In the Portal, under the My Courses tab, verify that all courses for which you are currently enrolled are listed.

3. Verify that you can access your Blackboard courses through your My Courses links on the Marymount Portal by clicking the course link. If your courses do not appear, there are several possible reasons:
  • Your instructor has not set the course to be available.
  • Your enrollment in the blackboard course has not yet been processed after generating your account.
  • You are not currently enrolled in the course.
  • If the course still does not appear after you have confirmed with your instructor that a Blackboard site has been made available and after you have confirmed with the registrar that you are actively enrolled in the course, contact IT Support Services to investigate the issue.
4. Verify that you are using one of the Blackboard 9.1 supported web browsers.

5. Visit the Blackboard Plugins page and install any recommended plugins for your operating system.

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