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Browser Requirements
Certain browser settings may cause you to experience performance problems with Blackboard 9.1. Blackboard 9.1 works best with the browsers listed below. In order to use Blackboard your browser must have Cookies, Java, and JavaScript enabled.
The following browser configurations are recommended by Blackboard:
Key to Support Status

Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Browsers

Mozilla Firefox Web Browsers

Apple Safari Web Browsers

Sun Java Virtual Machine
For all operating systems, the supported version is Java Standard Edition 5 (1.5.0_12) and later. As of the release of Service Pack 1 the Java SE 6 runtime environment is also supported.
Recommended Plugins
Accessing Blackboard
How do I log into Blackboard 9?
What if I can not log in to Blackboard?
  • You must have an MU Portal ID in order to access Blackboard. If you have tried to login multiple times to the MU portal and are unsuccessful, first try resetting your password by clicking "Forgot Your Password?" on My Marymount.
  • If you have successfully reset your password and have logged into the MU Portal, but are unable to access Blackboard from the Open My Blackboard Link, please login to our webform interface with your portal ID and password, and fill out our Blackboard Account Inquiry form.
*Remember, if you are a student trying to access courses for a semester that has not yet started, they will not be available to you until your instructor has set them to "available". Verify that your instructor has done so before contacting IT Support.
If you are an instructor trying to access courses for a semester that has not yet started, contact IT Support to confirm the date that the courses will be available to instructors (This typically happens 3-4 weeks prior to the start of each new semester).
How do I access Blackboard if I am a new instructor or student?
In order to receive Blackboard access, you must first complete the following steps:
  • Students: Activate your student account at the Student Account Generator. You must do this before anything else will work. If it tells you there's a hold on your account, please contact the Registrar.
  • Instructors: Activate your account at the Account Generator. You must do this before anything else will work.
  • Now you can log into My Marymount, which is the portal for e-mail, calendar, and Blackboard access.
  • Your Blackboard account is NOT immediately activated after generating your student account. After generating your account it can take up to 24 hours for your Blackboard account to become active.
  • If you are unable to access your Blackboard account within 24 hours of creating your account, contact IT Support.
I can login, but I can't see my course.
After logging in to the portal, on the My Institution tab, you should see a list of your courses inside the module called My Courses. If your courses do not appear, there are several possible reasons:
  • Your instructor has not set the course to be available.
  • Your enrollment in the blackboard course has not yet been processed after generating your account.
  • You are not currently enrolled in the course.
  • If the course still does not appear after you have confirmed with your instructor that a Blackboard site has been made available and after you have confirmed with the registrar that you are actively enrolled in the course, contact IT Support Services to investigate the issue.
Blackboard Course Sites
How do I export or archive my Blackboard course sites?
Click to view the course archiving or exporting QuickStart Guides.
How long will my course sites remain available?
IT stores 3 semesters or one full academic year of content on the server.
Example: If the current semester is Summer 2010, content for Spring 2010, Fall 2009 and Summer 2009 is currently available. Content for Summer 2009 would be deleted from the server in the middle of the Summer 2010 semester. Fall 2009 courses would then be deleted in the middle of the Fall 2010 semester. Instructors will need to export/archive their courses prior to the deletion dates each semester.
When will my course sites be available for next semester?
Courses will be available to instructors 3-4 weeks prior to the start of a new semester. Instructors should contact IT Support to verify availability dates, as they may vary from semester to semester
As an instructor, you have the ability to decide when to make your Blackboard course available to students. To make your course available select Control Panel > Properties > Make Course Available


Blackboard Course Tools
What tools are available to use within my course site(s)?

Tool Description

Assignment Tool

Enables file exchange between students and instructors.


Enables scheduling of assignments, chats, etc.

Faculty Information

Enables faculty to create a profile with bio, office hours, contact information, etc.

Grade Center

Enables students to check grades online.

Survey Tool

Enables instructors to create surveys and gather feedback from students.
What communication tools are available to use within my course site(s)?
Tool Description


Enables instructors to communicate quickly with students.

Blog Tool

Enables students to share ideas with instructors and fellow students.

Collaboration Tool

Enables instructors and students to communicate live in real time.

Discussion Board

Enables threaded discussions and asynchronous communications.


Enables email exchange between instructors, students, TAs and groups.


Enables groups of students to share a common homepage and other communication features.

How do I request an organization site in Blackboard?
A community organization enables members of campus groups and organizations to communicate and collaborate online.
What features are available?
Organization features include: ability to post and share documents and announcements, participate in threaded discussions and live chat rooms, send email, share calendars and group web pages.
Who is eligible to create an organization?
MU faculty, staff or student group/organization leaders may request a community organization in Blackboard. IT will set up the initial course shell, and then the organization leader is responsible for maintaining the site.

File Types
What type of files can I upload?
Type of File Extension
Word .doc, .docx
Excel .xls, .xlsx
PowerPoint .ppt, .pptx
PDF pdf
HTML .htm, .html
Rich Text .rtf
Text .txt
Image Files .gif, .jpg, .png
Quicktime Video Files .mov
Flash Files .flv. .swf
Real Audio Files .rm, .ram

Characters to avoid when naming files:

Exclamation Point
Question Mark
Dollar Sign
Number Sign
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