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Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant

Federal School code: 003724

The Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant Program (TAGP) is available to legal residents of Virginia who enroll as full-time students at Marymount. The State council of Higher Education administers the TAGP for Virginia (SCHEV) Applicants do not need to demonstrate financial need.

Eligibility Requirements:
Eligible undergraduate students can receive TAG for 8 semesters. Graduate students can receive TAG for 4 semesters, and Graduate Physical Therapy students can receive TAG for 6 semesters.

The student must have taken steps to become a domiciliary resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia for at least 12 months prior to enrollment. These steps include but are not limited to: obtaining a drivers license, paying state taxes, registering to vote in Virginia, and having a car registered in the state of Virginia


If funds are not sufficient to make full TAG awards to all eligible students, a priority system is used to determine the size of the awards. Students in the first categories must receive full funding before subsequent categories can be considered. Categories 1 and 2 will be combined to simplify the administration of the program and will receive the same award amount. Priority System:
  • Category 1: Returning students who are eligible for fall and spring term and received a TAG award in the previous fiscal year do not have to reapply for TAG.
  • Category 2: New students to the institution's TAG program who are eligible for the fall and spring terms and who apply for the TAG program by July 31. This category includes new freshman, transfer students, new gradate or professional students, and eligible returning students who did not receive TAG the previous year.
  • Category 3: New students to the TAG program who are eligible for the fall and spring term awards and who apply between August 1 and September 14. Students applying after September 14 are not eligible for fall awards regardless of enrollment status. (may not be funded by the state)
  • Category 4: All students eligible for spring term awards only and who apply by December 1. (may not be funded by the state).
Amount Of Grant:
The expected 2003-2004 grant amount is $2075 for undergraduate students and $1500 for graduate students. The amount varies each academic year, depending on the State's funding.


Applications must be received by July 31 to be eligible for the grant for the upcoming academic year. Applications received after July 31, but no later than December 1, may receive a partial award depending on the state funding availability. It is recommended that applications be submitted by April 1, prior to the start of the fall semester. Applications are available from the financial aid office or from SCHEV: