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Dental and Vision Plans

Dental Plan Information | Vision Plan Information


Marymount University offers two optional dental plans through MetLife:

  • Low Option
  • High Option

Both are PPO plans with large national networks with access in every state.

MetLife Dental Rates
Rates are bi-weekly and will be deducted from 26 pay periods.

Low Option PPO
High Option PPO
Employee +1

A Dental Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan gives the flexibility of multiple plan options designed to give you the freedom to visit any licensed in-network dental provider, without a referral.

MetLife is committed to ensuring your oral health and saving you time and money through network-based plans. Visiting a network dentist with MetLife helps you…

Save money – Because network dentists accept the negotiated fees or maximum allowable charges (MACs) as payment-in-full for covered services, there’s no balance billing and you save more out of pocket.

Preventive Incentive – All Class I diagnostic and preventative services such as cleanings, exams and x-rays do not count toward your annual maximum. This leaves you with more benefit dollars to use for other covered services.

Smile for Health – Maternity dental benefit provides pregnant women an additional dental cleaning during pregnancy. This extra cleaning can help to prevent periodontal (gum) disease, which has been linked to premature and low-birthweight babies, as well as help control pregnancy gingivitis.

Predeterminations – Upon your request, our network providers will submit predeterminations before performing a procedure. You’ll know up front if the treatment is covered and how much you can expect to pay out of pocket.

Out-of-Network Benefits – If your doctor is not in the Advantage Plus network you still have access to dental benefits paid on a varied reimbursement schedule. You also have the option to nominate them for in-network status. Call (703) 526-6880 for details.


Marymount University offers an optional vision plan through EyeMed Vision Care. For more information on the vision plan, please browse the vision benefit summary.

EyeMed Vision Rates
Rates are bi-weekly and will be deducted from 26 pay periods.

Employee +1

With the EyeMed Vision Care plan, you will receive industry leading in-network vision benefits, which include


Comprehensive eye exams - In-network providers deliver complete vision examinations, arriving at a diagnosis and treatment plan (if needed).

Frames – EyeMed Vision Care’s generous frames benefit applies to virtually all of the frames on today’s market. Under the vision plan, most frames are covered in full, with no additional cost to the member (after applicable co-pays).

Contact lenses – The plan offers a contact lens benefit that is unparalleled in the market today. EyeMed Vision Care’s contact lens benefit offers members, covered-in-full (after applicable co-pay), standard and premium contact lenses from many leading manufacturers. The exam, fitting, contacts (including disposables), and up to one follow-up visit, are covered in full.

Access to discounts on laser eye surgery - EyeMed Vision Care provides access to discount on laser vision correction surgery. Members can save 15% off the retail price or 5% off the promotional price for LASIK or PRK procedures.

Easy-to-use providers - To ensure that members receive the most out of their vision care benefits, EyeMed Vision Care offers a variety of participating eye care providers. Eye care providers, such as Private Practitioners, Lens Crafters, Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, Target Optical, and JC Penney are just a few of the participating providers that have teamed up with EyeMed Vision Care. For more information on participating providers near you, feel free to call 1-866-268-4063 or visit www.enrollwitheyemed.com and choose SELECT from the provider locator drop-down box.

Discount on Eye Care Supplies - EyeMed Vision Care provides members with a 20% discount off the retail price for eye care supplies, like clearing cloths and solutions, purchased at network providers (not valid on doctor’s service or contact lenses).

Out-of network benefits are also available with benefits paid varied on a reimbursement schedule. The out-of-network benefits are designed to offer limited reimbursement for services with providers who do not participate in the EyeMed vision network. Please note that you must submit a claim form in order to be reimbursed for services provided out-of-network.

Contact the Benefits Manager at (703) 526-6880 for more information.