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Honor Roll of Donors


Parents of Current Students

Anthony Adomako-Mensah*
Ahmed and Amat Almotahan
Leo and Grace Antonio
Doris Artiles
John Astorino
Michael and Brenda Bell**
Theodore Berry
Michael Bowen
Terrence Bowman
Denis and Margaret Boyle
Paul and Carol Brosnan
Carlton Brown and Carol Brown '01***
Elvis and Harriette Buckhalter
George and Marta Butler*
Michael and Noreen Cassidy***
Calvin Chandler
Felix and Donna Christian
Michael and Angelina Cimatu*
Zachary Crouse
Wayne Cyron and Maureen Doyle Cyron '66***
Dalva De Faria-Toulouse '12
Anthony and Rita Domalski*
James Doyle and Margaret Jarosh Doyle '60H**
Graham and Karen Drenkard '86
Shelley Dutton***
Tracy Edmonds
David and Wanda Estrada*
Jeffrey Held and Mary Fairchild '89*
Stefan and Erika Fedor*
John and Donna Fossaceca*
Pamela Genovese
Robert and Kimberly Gotcher*
Michael and Ana Haene
Kevin and Christine Haggerty***
James '00 and Judith Kulish Hathaway '86
Anthony and Maria Jacoby
Andrzej and Lisa Jagura*
Frank Kiley and Monica Kiley '06**
Richard and Ruth Kilmon
Edward Koch and Kathleen Bullen Koch '74***
Alain and Karin Labeau*
Fergus and Elizabeth Lane*
David and Christine Lang
Cynthia Lawton
Wayne Lesko and Marlaine Brennan Lesko '94, '96**
Glenn and Alison Levison**
Pablo and Maria Lobaton
Simone McCall*
Bonnie Jeanne McGann '03*
Donald McGrath and Susan Stanley-McGrath*
Raymond and Julie McGraw
Robert and Theresa McLeod*
Mark and Mary Miller
Joseph and Ellen Moran*
Paul Moroney and Amy Moroney '95**
William and Barbara Mosser*
Thomas and Karen Murphy*
Anthony Murtha and Sharyn Jennings Murtha '65***
Bessie Napper '12
Richard and Kathleen Nefzger
Wade and Andrea Neiman*
David and Karen Nelson
Timothy Ngau and Terryleen Dement*
Keith Nuflo
Daniel and Saundra Oleary
Jose and Lola Palacios*
Patrick and Hilary Phillips*
Patrick and Janet Quinn
Reynoldo and Gilda Rafols*
Ann Rafter*
Ken Refner
Eugene and Susan Reimer*
Thomas and Karen Robertson
Merle and Mila Sandly*
Andrea Saunders**
James and Gloria Seaman
Carolyn Shaffer
Alan and Anne Shingler
Polat and Zahra Siddik
James Smith and Lise Ecuyer Smith '73**
Joseph and Caterina Sparacino
Robert Sperling*
Steven and Patricia St. Clair
Robert and Diane St. Germain
Parke and Gail Stanley
James and Shirley Staten
Vincent Stovall
David and Karen Stuver*
Roger and Georgia Thorstenson*
Luis and Cintia Vergara**
Emmanuel and Theresia Wansi**
Robert and Shery Wildman
Sharon Williams
Robert Willmore
Donna Young

Parents of Alumni

Joseph '95 and Karen Adelman**
Miriam Aguirre*
George and Linda Ames**
Frank Amorosi and Joanie Amorosi '71, '78*
Mark and Valerie Andreotta*
James and Mary Ashmore '04
James and Nancy Ashmore
Tyrone and Diana Ashton*
Ruth Babula*
James Bailey
Phyllis Bambeck**
Margot Bardan '09***
William and Donna Barker*
Andrew and Michelle Baronavski**
Frank and Elizabeth Benson**
Robert and Joann Benson**
Mary Elizabeth Bergan***
William Billy**
Robert and Mary Birmingham
Emil Blazich
Carl and Eileen Bontempo
Carolyn Godfrey Bonilla '97***
Margaret Bowen**
Mary Bowman
Denis Boyle
Bruce and Jeanne Branson*
Robert and Therese Burke*
Kevin Butturff
Joseph and Theresa Cappello '82, '84***
Roger Carson and Mary Smith Carson '90***
Virginia Carter*
Steve and Anne Carville
Vincent and Patricia Cataldi
Ellen Coakley***
David and Suzanne Cole*
Jesus and Luz Collazos
Denise Conklin**
Paul and Susan Conrad*
Elaine Cooney*
David and Sandra Coover*
Pilar Coto*
George and Fe Cronin*
Joseph Cuevas and Leah Roa*
Prince and Kadi Decker*
John and Florence Demman*
Harry and Laura Devenoge*
Mark and Ada Duhon*
Walter and Julie Edwards
Brian & Lisa Eicholtz
David and Gina Elliott '86
Edwin and Gracelin Emmanuel***
Barry Erdeljon***
Richard and Patricia Evans*
David and Rebecca Faeder '91
Charles Farrell and Mary Earle Farrell '92***
William and Julie Fields*
Robert and Robin Fitch***
L. and Noreen Flohr*
Marsha Franke**
Elizabeth Frantz
William and Roberta Frasca Fulford '54***
David and Peg Gamse*
Andrea George*
John Gilligan and Deborah Gillgan '98*
Frank and Margaret Giumarra*
Joseph and Ann Guiffre*
Galen and Phyllis Gunderson
Robert and Susan Harding***
Timothy Harrington and Patricia Hellmuth Harrington '57***
LeRoy Haugh
Michael and Julie Hayden**
John and Joan Hessmer*
Robert Hillis and Carole Easton Hillis '61**
Boris and Ulana Hlynsky**
Andrew and Maureen Hook***
Charles Hoppe*
Rosemary Hubbard**
Edward and Frances Hughes*
Liston Jackson and Brenda Jackson '96*
Colin and Rosemary Jellish***
Paxton Johnson
Sharon Kirby***
Stanislaw Kowalski
James and Catherine Krebs**
Peter and Ingrid Kunec*
Binh and Ninh Le
Michael and Cathy Lee*
Nancy Liskevych
Mary Anne Luckett**
Joan Lum '81*
Yvonne Mabry
Francis and Patricia Maerz*
Franklyn Matthews
Joseph and Linda Maurelli***
William '81 and Joelle McCall
John and Sherry McCullough*
Myrna McKee
Arthur and Marilyn McLoughlin*
Marilyn McLoughlin*
Robert and Cristina Miccio*
Anthony and Carlene Nehra*
Haywood Nelms*
Talal and Susan Nsouli
Nelly Nuflo
Cornelius and Margaret O'Connell*
Plaridal and Jean Ong
Atilano Paredes
Joe and Giovanna Pedicini*
Joseph and Katrina Pfeiffer*
Kathy Philpot*
Delwyn and Ruthann Piepenburg
Charles and Audrey Pitcher '82**
Randall and Clotilde Prior*
Ralph and Mary Puccinelli*
Subram and Nirmala Ramamurthy
Charles and Rosemarie Raske
Lauro Rochino '84 and Cecilia Rochino**
Michael and Katherine Russell
Neil and Kathleen Ryan***
Ramiro and Gladys Sainz*
Ronnie and Kimberly Sanna*
James and Debbie Schaefer
Madison Schepps and Elizabeth Schuck Schepps '54H, '56***
William Schoenberg
Louis and Janice Scott*
Laurence and Carole Smith**
Robert and Lauren Smith***
James and Dorothy Sullivan*
Barry Summerfield '84 and Liane Summerfield***
Gary Tarantino*
June Taylor '93**
William Taylor
Karen Till '64
Salvatore and Joan Tino**
Gerald and Kathleen Tonoff**
William and Suzanne Towcimak
Edward Treacy and Carmelita Hurley Treacy '60***
William and Glenda Trimmer
David and Patricia Trottier*
John and Jane McDonough Tuck '67***
John and Bonnie Tyler
Sing Vang
James and Rachel Wade**
Roland and Valeria Wilson**
Cynthia Winder*
Faith Winter*
Erin Mulligan Witherspoon**
John Woodruff*
William and Suzanne Yeager***
Katharine Yoder

* indicates that the donor has contributed for at least two consecutive years and is a member of the Loyalty Society

** indicates that the donor has contributed for at least five consecutive years and is a member of the Loyalty Society

*** indicates that the donor has contributed for at least ten consecutive years and is a member of the Loyalty Society

The Marymount Loyalty Society honors alumni, friends, faculty and staff, and parents who have given to the University for two or more consecutive years. These individuals and organizations serve as our keystone for building a stronger future for Marymount, and their continuous generosity is deeply appreciated.

† Indicates that the donor is deceased