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Global Student Teaching

Today's teachers must be able to work effectively with students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Through Marymount's Global Student Teaching Program, student teachers have the opportunity to see firsthand how culture affects instructional practices and learning. They will also gain invaluable experience teaching in a diverse classroom.

Through the Global Student Teaching Program, students complete the first seven weeks of their student teaching experience abroad. The second seven weeks are fulfilled locally. All locations have been selected and approved to meet the education department standards as well as state teacher licensure requirements.


Junior Class Learning, Ltd. in New Zealand

  • Spring semester
    • First seven weeks of the semester
  • Location – Auckland, NZ
  • Licensure areas – Pk-6, secondary, ESL

Marymount International School in Italy

  • Fall and Spring semesters
    • First seven weeks of the semester
  • Location – Rome, Italy
  • Subjects – Pk-6, Secondary, ESL


For more information contact:

Dr. Lisa Turissini (lisa.turissini@marymount.edu)
Chair, Education Department, School of Education & Human Services

Sarah LaRosa (slarosa@marymount.edu)
Coordinator for Global Engagement, Center for Global Education