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About the Program

About the Program
The Marymount women's volleyball team is directed by 17-year veteran coach Beth Ann Wilson. Wilson started in '93 and has led the team to seven 20 seasons during her tenure.

Coach Wilson and her staff run competitive practices and believe that volleyball should be played in its entirety, not broken down into small parts. A squad size of 12-14 that is evenly balanced by position is ideal. Their philosophy is that the best drills are "pass, set, hit" drills no matter which part of the game is the focus. They also keep score during most drills, so that every contact in a practice counts, just like it would in a match. This makes paractices as game-like as possible and best prepares the players for competition. It also shows the coaching staff which players like to compete and which will settle for a loss.

The volleyball season had three very important components and players are expected to participate in each one to keep their spot on the roster. Preparing for these components, begins with an optional summer workout. This comprehensive training is done at home and without supervision. Though it is not mandatory, it is imperative that athletes come back conditioned and ready to train. Folowing the suggested summer workout best prepares them to train and avoid injury.

Player arrive on campus, mid-August for "preseason" and to help run a weekend volleyball camp for rising 4-8th graders. This camp is the team's primary fundraiser and is a great warm up for the 2-a-day preseason training that follows. Once classes are in session, the "traditional" season begins. The team practices every evening for at least two hour. Athletes can expect to play one to two weekday matches and compete every Saturday. The Capital Athletic Conference tournament begins early November and it is the goal of every CAC team to win the championship and earn an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament the following week.

After a few months off, the Saints participate in their "nontraditional" season in the second semester. This season consists of 16 practices and one competition date. Student athletes are allowed to miss spring season if they are abroad for the semester. It is also the best time for current Marymount students to "try out" for the team.