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MU GOLD is an exciting new program designed for Marymount Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD). If you have graduated in the last ten years, you are MU GOLD.

Since 2001, Marymount has seen incredible strides: A rise in the student population and participation levels, the creation of many new academic and support programs, and the construction of such buildings as the Rose Bentè Lee Center, the new dining facilities and the completion of the 26th Street Project. MU GOLD hopes to carry the excitement and community of campus far beyond the boundaries of Glebe Road. MU GOLD is much more than events and programs; it is a way to stay connected your MU experience.

MU GOLD will hold annual signature events each year to keep you connected and informed about the many achievements of the Marymount community. These events are A GOLD Affair, Get Your GOLD On, and GOLD Gets Professional. Check out the links to learn more, and hope to see you there!
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Around Marymount

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Rose Bente Lee Center

Students flock to the Lee Center to see the Marymount Saints in action or just to unwind, catch a movie, work out, or enjoy a quick snack.

Student Spotlight

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                      Photo Of Noah McGrath
Noah McGrath
Major: Criminal Justice, Politics minor
Class of 2013

As a Criminal Justice major and a Politics minor, Noah has placed himself in one of the best locations to gain experience in his fields of study and capitalize on his education with great nearby career and internship possibilities.