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Lifetime Email

Marymount is pleased to provide a Google Apps email system for MU alumni. This email address is permanent, with full forwarding capability, as well as a calendar, documents, sites, folders, labels, etc., based on Google's Gmail model.

Please follow the instructions below to log into your existing account, or create a new account.

Log into your existing account
If the link above does not work, visit www.gmail.com. Enter your full email address as your username (ex: abc12345@alumni.marymount.edu, where "abc12345" is your MU ID), and your password to log in.
Forgot your password?
Visit https://archive.marymount.edu/muforgotpw/passwd.jsp to reset your password. Then visit the regular link to log into your account.

Please note: If you are redirected to a login page once you've changed your password, you will not be able to log in through that page. Please visit the regular URL (http://mymumail.alumni.marymount.edu) to log in.
Create a New Alumni Email Account

Step 1: Visit this URL: http://connect.marymount.edu/jspaag/. You will be asked for several pieces of personal information, and then be able to create your new email account. If the system tells you that your MU ID or SSN are not valid, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 703-284-1541 for assistance.
Step 2: To log into your account, please visit http://mymumail.alumni.marymount.edu/.

1. When I change from a student account to an alumni account, will I lose my emails, contacts, Drive documents, etc.?
- Your emails will transfer to the new account; however, your contacts, Google Drive documents, and anything else will need to be manually moved from one account to the other. Please back up any important information prior to the conversion.

2. Do I need an alumni email account to receive emails from the Alumni Association?
- You are welcome to use any email provider you like, and the Alumni Association can contact you at that address. You can send an email or sign up for MUAlumniNET to let the Alumni Office know about a new email address.

3. I'm a recent graduate - what is going to happen to my Marymount email?
- Your student email account will expire a few months after graduation. IT Services will send emails in advance of the expiration to give you ample notice to convert to an alumni account or find another address.


Please don't hesitate to contact the Office of Alumni Relations with any questions: 703-284-1541 or alumni@marymount.edu.