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Checklist for Return


  • Arrange for your transcript to be sent to the Center for Global Education (CGE). This must be done by all students except those enrolled in the FIE London and Paris Fashion Program. The arrangements can be made by contacting the International Office at the host institution or contacting your study abroad program administrator (i.e.: CIEE, AIFS, ISA, USAC, etc.)
  • Arrange for at least one copy of your transcript to be sent to your home address. It can sometimes be difficult to obtain additional copies of your transcript after you have departed your host country.
  • Bring home copies of your course descriptions, course syllabus, tests, etc. Bring anything that will help you obtain transfer credit for a course in case there are questions as to the content of the course. Submit course descriptions/syllabi to the Center for Global Education upon your return.
  • E-mail your advisor about course registration for your semester following time abroad.


  • If needed, contact the Office of Campus and Residential Services for housing upon your return to MU. During your semester, you should have received an e-mail from the CGE with regards to setting up housing for next semester.
  • Ship home whatever you can't bear to part with or fit in your suitcase.
  • Confirm your airline reservation 48 hours prior to your departure.
  • Read the re-entry documents listed above and start to reflect on your time abroad. Remember that most people experience culture shock when they arrive home!