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Post-Study Abroad Activities

The MU campus and Washington, DC, area are very international – offering you plenty of ways for you to stay connected with your host culture and share your experiences with others! Stay connected with your study abroad experience through MU students, faculty, and staff who have been abroad as well as restaurants, shops, and events nearby.

Here are a few of the opportunities you can consider as you look at re-entry to the U.S. E-mail the Center for Global Education for more information.

Attend our Welcome Back Lunch/Dinner
Come join us to talk about your experiences abroad with other students, show your pictures, ensure your credits will transfer properly, talk about how to improve your résumé/cover letter, and possibly talk about how to study abroad (again). Date and time to be announced.

Work/Volunteer in the Center for Global Education
Our office is always looking for past study abroaders to assist us with classroom presentations, information sessions, promotional materials/events, Study Abroad Fairs, orientations, etc. Please contact our office if you are interested in helping out.

Join the MU Global Alumni Network
The Center for Global Education will automatically include you in our updates to program alumni about what is going on with the Center, students, and programs. If you have more ideas, or have news you would like to share, contact the CGE.

Post on MU Center for Global Education’s fan page
Our Facebook fan page, MU Center for Global Education, is the perfect place to share stories, advice, and photos. Also, let us know if you would like to be an officer for your program so that future students can contact you with questions about the site or program.

Post on our YouTube page
If you have a video you would like to share with our community, please send us the link on YouTube, or send us the file directly. Contact rebecca.proznick@marymount.edu for more details.

Bring In Your Photos and Stories
We would love to see your group photos, you at your study abroad locale, pictures with your host family, and scenic shots! If you have a few special photos that could be used in MU Study Abroad materials, please drop them off or mail them to the office. They can be returned to you after they have been scanned. In addition to participant photos, quotes and stories are also used in brochures, informational materials, and the Web site. If you are interested in sharing your experiences through photos, stories, or quotes, please e-mail rebecca.proznick@marymount.edu.