Course Offerings

SOC 360 Britain Today: Myth and Reality (British Life and Culture)
(required core course)
This course offers students an introduction to contemporary Britain by examining the history of its major social and political institutions, the cultural values of its peoples, and significant contemporary sociopolitical issues and debates. It explores the New Britain through a unique balance between classroom instruction by British faculty, guest speakers from all walks of public life, and guided visits to places of both historical and contemporary significance. Extensive field study is required.

During the first two weeks, students participate in an orientation program designed to assist with acclimation to their new environment. They immerse themselves rapidly in the British Life and Cultures course, which will serve to put the internships in context. Extensive site visits and co-curricular activities take place during this time. The course continues to meet during the eight-week internship in a seminar fashion.

EN 228 Shakespeare and Elizabethan Literature
Students taking this course will be introduced to the life and work of William Shakespeare and his contemporaries through lectures, workshops, field trips, and theatre visits.

Shakespeare and Elizabethan Literature is designed to help students to understand the fascinating social and historical background to some of the most famous, most compelling poetry and drama ever written. The course begins by studying the conventions of Elizabethan love poetry and considering the sexual stereotypes addressed by writers such as Marvell, John Donne, and Christopher Marlowe (a poet and playwright who met his end in a bar brawl).

HI 361 Understanding Civilizations: Islam and the West
The profound urgency to develop mutual understanding between the West and the Islamic World has been highlighted by a myriad of violent events over the last decades. On the assumption that ignorance is the enemy of peace, this course intends to explore the sources of conflict that have led towards the notion of “a clash of civilizations.”

MKT 385 International Marketing
This course explores the decision-making process in the marketing of products and services in the international marketplace. It covers the formulation of key elements in international marketing strategy, such as identification and assessment of potential markets, price setting, design, promotion, and distribution of products and services. It also explores issues such as the competitive advantage of nations, the changing nature of the international social and business environment, and the emerging role of the Internet in international marketing.

ECO 485 The Economic Integration of the European Union
The course provides a comprehensive examination of the processes of European economic integration and a critical analysis of EU policies in their broader political/economic context. It focuses on the external dimension of Europe in the global economy, and the integration processes of the EU, including the Single Market, Economic and Monetary Union or the Common Agricultural Policy, and its impact on global economics, ranging from the World Trade Organization to EU enlargement and the Third World.