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New Zealand

New Zealand is the youngest country on earth – the last major landmass to be discovered. It has a rich and fascinating history, reflecting both its Maori and European heritage. Amazing Maori historic sites and taonga (treasures), some dating back almost a thousand years, are a contrast to many beautiful colonial buildings. A walk around any New Zealand city today shows what a culturally diverse and fascinating country it has become.

Keep in mind – this is the southern hemisphere, so their academic year runs from February to November; our winter is their summer, and vice versa!

Marymount University students can participate in the following programs in New Zealand through Study New Zealand. These programs are full immersion programs; that is, students are fully enrolled into a New Zealand university. Most universities have a similar variety of majors like Marymount University, however you can view the Course Summary Grid for major-specific information.

University of Auckland
Massey University