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Study Abroad - Opening minds to a world of opportunity

Internships/Service Learning

Interning, working, or volunteering abroad are all exciting ways to experience another culture while building professional skills and defining your career interests.

If you're interested in completing an internship overseas, please contact the Center for Global Education first. The following links are provided to facilitate your search for an internship abroad. Some programs require semester or summer only participation, language preparation, and/or other requirements.

NOTE: Please contact the Center for Global Education before applying to any of these programs. All students should complete the Is an International Internship Right for Me? form before coming to the office.

Work Abroad

Volunteer Opportunities

Note: Marymount University is not a sponsor of these programs. This information is provided for your information only. Marymount does not endorse nor guarantee the quality of any programs not specifically sponsored by the Marymount University Center for Global Education. The Center for Global Education recommends that you research any country that you plan to visit or any program in which you consider participating. The Center for Global Education can assist you in choosing a program. The Center will also provide information about visas, travel options, and the country you’ll be visiting.



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