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Consortium Information

Member Institutions
The American University
The Catholic University of America
The Corcoran College of Art and Design
Gallaudet University
Georgetown University
George Mason University
The George Washington University
Howard University
Marymount University
Southeastern University
Trinity Washington University
The University of the District of Columbia
The University of Maryland College Park

Select the course you wish to take by using the visited institution’s course schedule, located at www.consortium.org.
  • Make a copy of the course listing.
  • Complete the Consortium registration form (available in the Registrar’s Office). Obtain the signatures of your academic advisor and school dean.
    Consortium Forms must be turned in one week before Marymount classes  begin.
  • Eligibility requirements will be verified by the Consortium coordinator, who will sign your form and place the Consortium seal on it. The pink copy will be mailed to the institution you plan to visit. The buff-colored copy will be returned to you. Present this buff copy and your Marymount ID card to the visiting school’s instructor, labs, shuttle, and library as needed.

Tuition for your Consortium course is paid directly to Marymount, using Marymount’s tuition rates. You must observe Marymount’s payment schedules and deadlines.

Course fees, lab fees, and other special fees are paid directly to the visited institution.

Refunds and credits go to student accounts and follow the Marymount refund schedule and procedures.


If a course is closed/cancelled
The visited institution will attempt to notify the Marymount Consortium coordinator if the course is full/closed or cancelled. The Consortium coordinator will, in turn, notify you in time for you to choose an alternate course. It is your ultimate responsibility to ensure that the class is still available to you.

If you intend to drop a course
Follow Marymount procedures and contact the Marymount Consortium coordinator immediately. Failure to observe the proper drop procedures will result in a grade of 'F' on your permanent record.

Graduating students
If you must enroll in a Consortium course in your final semester at Marymount (Marymount University policy discourages such practice), it is your responsibility to let your advisor and school dean know when the Consortium grade has been reported. Only then can the graduation process proceed.

Purchasing books
Obtain your books from the visited institution’s bookstore.

Contact the visited institution’s Parking/Security Office to secure information regarding any special ID or parking pass requirements. It is suggested that you use public transportation, such as Metrobus and Metrorail, when possible.

Observe the visited institution's academic and social policies, rules, and regulations. Marymount honors the unique policies and procedures of each Consortium member.

Attending a visited school
Present the buff copy of your Consortium registration form to your instructor. Do not relinquish your copy; it is recommended that you make a seperate copy for your instructor.

Your name might not appear on the course roster immediately. In this case, notify the Marymount Consortium coordinator and inform your instructor that you are registered through Marymount.


Grade exchange
Grades and credits earned through the Consortium are reported directly to Marymount by the visited institution. You do not have to request the visited institution to forward your grades to Marymount. Each visited institution reports grades according to its own policies, procedures, and deadlines. These grades will be available approximately 2 - 4 weeks after the completion of the course.

Grades and credits earned through the Consortium are recorded on the Marymount transcript as if they were taken at Marymount.

Grade point average
Courses taken through the Consortium are calculated into the Marymount credit totals and grade point average.
Course repeat
If you repeat a course, Marymount forgives the lower grade. Thus, it will not be calculated into your credit totals and grade point average. In order for Marymount to forgive a lower grade in a Consortium course, you must repeat the same course at the same institution.

Contact the Office of the Registrar Consortium Coordinator: