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Social Justice (Minor)

This minor is open to students in any major. It allows students to analyze those groups most in need of justice. By analyzing the consequences of inequality, these students examine ways of empowering the marginalized and voiceless to work effectively on their own behalf by developing community strategies that enable change.

This minor provides strong liberal arts preparation for entry-level positions as a lobbyist, legislative advocate, fund-raiser, and nonprofit director and for work in government agencies. This minor encourages students to develop their own framework for addressing social justice issues that interest them. The Social Justice minor also provides a strong base for later professional training in law, education, and social work.

Minor Requirements
  • SOC 131 Principles of Sociology
  • SOC 200 Law and Society
  • SOC 202 Social Problems
  • SOC 304 Applied Research Methods
  • SOC 350 Social Justice: Ethical Dilemmas in Social Context
  • SOC 351 Addressing Injustice
  • Independent Study (SOC 421 Project or Service Learning or SOC 433 Research)