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The Global Village: One Course, Two Universities in Different Countries
Imagine a network of classrooms where students and faculty all over the world exchange ideas and work together without leaving home. This unique environment is the idea behind globally networked learning -- a new approach that gives faculty and students the ability to teach and learn with international peers through the use of communication technology. READ THE STORY  

As a student in Marymount’s Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, you will benefit from both a strong liberal arts foundation and solid career preparation. The program concentrates on the social location of people – their culture, social class, gender, age, and education; the relationships between groups; and external influences that are internalized, becoming part of an individual’s identity and behavior. This major will prepare you to present ideas in a clear, compelling way.

The academic atmosphere at Marymount encourages all students to ask questions, explore divergent perspectives, and evaluate contemporary issues. Many students value the close working relationships they develop with faculty in the classroom and as mentors on inquiry-based research projects.

As a graduate of this program, you will have an appreciation for diversity – a quality increasingly sought by employers today – and be proficient in data analysis techniques. You will also develop a strong understanding of ethics, human rights, and social justice.

To sharpen your career focus, you have the option of choosing from several minors: Criminal Justice, Social Entrepreneurship, or Social Justice.

Contact Information

Sociology & Criminal Justice Department

Marymount University
2807 N. Glebe Road
Arlington, VA 22207

Questions? Call:
(800) 548-7638 or (703) 284-1500

E-mail: admissions@marymount.edu

Faculty Spotlight

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                      Photo Of Stephanie K. Ellis
Dr. Stephanie K. Ellis
Chair, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice; Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Stephanie K. Ellis's research is related to juvenile justice.