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Program Requirements

Major Requirements
To fulfill the requirements of the major, all students in this program will take the following coursework in a sequence determined in collaboration with a faculty advisor. All students must also fulfill Liberal Arts Core and University requirements, and some of the following courses may also fulfill those requirements.
  • IT 130 Java Programming
  • MA 181 Calculus I † or MA 171 Calculus I with Precalculus A and MA 172 Calculus I with Precalculus B
  • MA 182 Calculus II †
  • MA 209 Mathematics Seminar ‡
  • MA 215 Linear Algebra
  • MA 221 Multivariable Calculus
  • MA 257 Introduction to Number Theory and Proof Techniques
  • MA 260 Discrete Mathematics for Information Technology
  • MA 261 Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning
  • MA 309 Mathematics Seminar ‡
  • MA 318 Probability and Statistical Inference
  • MA 325 Differential Equations
  • MA 400 Internship or MA 433 Research
  • MA 409 Mathematics Seminar ‡
  • MA 418 Stochastic Modeling
  • MA 420 Abstract Algebra
  • MA 425 Introduction to Real Analysis
  • MA 430 Numerical Analysis
  • PHYS 171 Physics I and PHYS 172 Physics II or BIO 151 General Biology I and BIO 262 Genetics
† Students may complete either MA 181 or the MA 171 and MA 172 sequence, which is the equivalent of MA 181, during the freshman year. Also, MA 181 and MA 182 can be waived with appropriate AP credit. Students should take noted courses in a sequence specified by an advisor and, upon successful completion, may not subsequently register for a lower-numbered course in the Calculus sequence.
‡ Transfer students or new majors will not be required to make up Mathematics Seminar classes that met during semesters in which they were not enrolled as a Mathematics major at Marymount; however, they are required to make up the credit hours to meet the 120-credit minimum requirement toward graduation.