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Media & Performance Studies Requirements

The Media and Performance Studies minor provides an interdisciplinary examination of film, video, television, multimedia, and Web 2.0 texts with a primary emphasis on textual interpretation and theory and a secondary focus on production. The program seeks to improve student fluency with media, both for academic and commercial applications, in order to enhance the student’s understanding of his/her major disciplinary field. Students will apply their interdisciplinary knowledge through a capstone project that results in a creative presentation, documentary, or ethnographic visual text, or other multimedia production.

Minor Requirements
  • IS 240 or EN 240 Introduction to Visual and Cultural Studies
  • EN/IS/GD 404 Performance Media Lab
  • 9 credits (6 outside the student’s major) from the following: EN 207 Theater History; EN/IS 220 The Movie or the Book?; EN 321 Modern Drama; EN 429 Topics in Performance; FA 380 Modern Art; SOC 205 Crime, Media, and Culture
  • 6 additional credits outside the student’s major from the following: COM/GD 203 Photography: Digital Imaging; COM 204 Oral Interpretation; COM/GD 205 Video Production I;  COM/EN 212 Topics in Acting; COM/GD 304 Video Production II; COM/GD 308 Web Design; COM/GD 404 Performance Media Lab; EN 270 Approaches to Creative Writing; EN 305 Topics in Creative Writing; FA 103 Two-Dimensional Design; FA 110 Cross-Cultural Visual Thinking; FA 353 Handmade Books; FA 360 Book Illustration in Mixed Media; GD 202 Illustration I