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Core Competencies

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

Evaluate specific healthcare challenges within an ethical and professional framework, using:

  • application and promotion of ethical and moral standards
  • application of professional standards
  • ethics in business and clinical decision making
  • promotion of quality outcomes

Analyze, develop and implement policy at both the government and organizational level, using:

  • systems thinking
  • evaluation of current and historical policy
  • responsiveness to regulatory and policy directives
  • knowledge of organizations’ policies
  • policy analysis and application
  • policy advocacy

Effectively administer health care organizations or departments, using:

  • critical and analytical thinking
  • oral and written communication skills
  • application of information technology systems and knowledge to healthcare settings
  • problem solving
  • project planning and implementation
  • financial skills
  • human resources management
  • economic analysis
  • statistical analysis and application
  • process management
  • population and status assessment

Develop strategies that promote the success and ongoing improvement of the organization, using:

  • strategic orientation
  • leadership
  • performance measurement
  • effective team participation
  • interpersonal awareness and emotional intelligence
  • innovative thinking and action