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Art History (Minor)

Minor Requirements


  • FA 201 History of Art I
  • FA 202 History of Art II
  • 15 additional credits from the following (at least 9 of these credits must be in formal Art History courses with an FA prefix): AA 361 Survey of Fashion, AA 412 Great Designers, EN/IS 220 The Movie or the Book?, EN/IS 240 Introduction to Visual and Cultural Studies, FA 305 Pre-Classical Art, FA 315 Classical Art, FA 325 Medieval Art, FA 345 Renaissance Art, FA 365 Baroque Art, FA 370 19th-Century Art, FA 380 Modern Art, FA 410 Topics in Art History, GD 301 History of Graphic Design, ID 350 History of Interiors I, ID 351 History of Interiors II, PH 370 Philosophy of Art