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Food & Drink Policy

Drinks with secured lids and snack/individually wrapped food are permitted in most public areas of the Library & Learning Services-administered portions of the Reinsch Building. Library users are expected to clean up after themselves.

No food is allowed at any computers or other public equipment. All food and drink is prohibited in designated areas within the facility, such as the Gomatos Reading Room.

Open plates of food may be consumed outside the L&LS-administered areas of Reinsch. Food delivery to public areas of L&LS and alcoholic beverages are prohibited, except for events with prior approval from L&LS.
Created by Advisory Council June 2005
Revised by Advisory Council April 16, 2010
Approved by Advisory Council April 19, 2010
Approved by Dean Mostashari April 19, 2010
Revised by Advisory Council June 29, 2014
Approved by Advisory Council June 29, 2014
Approved by Dean Mostashari June 29, 2014