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Group Study Room Reservation Policy

Marymount University students, faculty and staff may reserve the library group study rooms 210, 211, 212, 213, and 214 for a maximum of one three hour session per 24 hour period. Recurring reservations are not acceptable. Users with reservations have priority in the use of a study room over other users. Group study rooms may not be reserved 3 weeks prior to finals unless the request is from an MU faculty member conducting a review session for students.
      1. Eligible users request reservations through the Astra Room Requests system in the MU Portal.
      2. Designated L&LS employees will accept or cancel reservations through the Astra System according to the following priorities:
               1. Students who have accommodations from the Office of Disability Support Services.  The Director of Disability Support Services must request these reservations and there must be 2 or more people in the room during the reservation time.
               2. Groups of three or more Marymount University students.
               3. Groups of three or more Marymount University employees.

      3. L&LS employees will cancel a reservation if the room is not claimed for 10 minutes after the designated time.

      4. Conflicts or other problems will be referred to the Circulation Manager. 

Presented to the Advisory Council 2/6/2012
Approved by the Advisory Council 2/16/2012
Approved by Dean Mostashari 2/16/2012