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Value of an Internship

Internships and Experiential Learning
Internships allow you to explore and apply academic theory in the professional world by combining learning and work experience. You get the opportunity to take the knowledge you have gained as a student and put it into action. At the same time you will develop new skills, explore possible career choices, and build a professional network.

An internship can be one of the most rewarding experiences that you have as a Marymount student. You learn theory in your classes, but it's only through experience that you can learn what to expect after you complete your degree program. Many students who intern early on decide that they do not want to work in a particular field in the future. Better to discover that after an internship rather than discovering it in your first job after spending thousands of dollars on one or more college degrees! Internships enhance your academic experience and can help narrow your focus for future studies. They introduce you to new fields, help you develop or improve skills, build your résumé, and can position you to network for future positions. Sometimes an internship even leads to a job offer from your internship site!

Internships offer opportunities to
  • gain real-world work experience
  • learn about career interests
  • increase your chances of getting a full-time job after graduation
  • allow you to test potential employment at a company/organization/agency
  • possibly receive pay, academic credit, or both

Prepare for an internship now by connecting with Marymount's Career and Internship Center!