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Budgeting your proposal

Managing Your Award Money
Administering Your Grant

Consult the following links when preparing the budget part of your proposal, approving expenses to be charged to your grant and for matters about administering your grant.
Allowable costs and administrative regulations: http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/circulars
Fringe benefits at the rate of .25 should be budgeted on all staff and academic-year faculty salaries and wages.
Fringe benefits at the rate of .0765 should be budgeted on faculty summer salaries and on compensation to students exclusive of work-study wages.
Marymount's negotiated F&A (Facilities and Administration) rate is 50% x salaries and wages. The date of the negotiated agreement with DHHS is June 11, 2002. F&A replaces indirect costs on federal grant applications.
All federal and many foundation or corporate grant applications require the inclusion of the University DUNS number 040554214 and/or EIN 540573801.
Applications to federal agencies for projects involving human subjects require the University's Federalwide Assurance Number (FWA) 00005984.
For additional information, please contact Doris Lyons at ext. 6978 or by e-mail at doris.lyons@marymount.edu.