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iHuman - the 2012 Institute Theme

This year’s theme is “iHuman? The Essence and Edges of Humanity.” Scholars will ponder questions like

  • What is a human being?
  • How have past philosophers and artists, writers and theologians defined, described, and delimited humanity?
  • Is being human a status or an achievement?
  • How does technology limit or expand our conception of the human and/or the “post-human”?
  • Who gets to decide what it is to be human?
The Marymount Humanities Institute will use the humanities to explore humanity – its contours, limits, margins, and potential.

During the four-week symposium, Institute Scholars will examine these questions then work with a faculty mentor to develop a formal research proposal on a topic in the humanities field of their choice. Scholars may use this proposal to pursue research through an independent research project, honors tutorial, or senior thesis.

Each session will generally begin with a common reading, followed by free-ranging conversations with Scholars and faculty participants sharing their questions, insights, and further research possibilities raised by the texts.

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